Word for the World Ministries began when The Lord spoke to Evangelist Tanya Brown about the Word He had put in her “belly for the nations”. An avid soul winner Evangelist Brown was always doing something to reach others with the gospel. From preaching solo on a New York subway to standing on a chair so she could preach in front of City Hall, to setting up a sign and tract table in front of a downtown department store to canvassing whole neighborhoods with a loud speaker on top of her vehicle when she was eighteen years old; God has always inspired her to take the Gospel to the world. This God-given inspiration continued to grow until she was conducting crusades, conferences, tent revivals, and connecting with other ministries to get the Gospel out to the world.

The Lord opened doors for ministry in Russia, the Bahamas and throughout the United States, as well as in a crack house, on street corners, and in restaurant parking lots. Word for the World Ministries would eventually incorporate and become the banner and vehicle through which these evangelistic crusades and efforts would organize, expand, and collaborate with others to impact the nations.

To the Glory of God thousands of lives have been changed through this ministry. Many have come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and have been transformed by the power of God.
We believe that the Bible is the infallible written Word of God and that the message of the Gospel must be preached to all people. We believe that Jesus Christ is the one true Savior for every human being. There is no salvation in anyone else. Furthermore, the preaching of the gospel is God’s way to save people from this lost world and get them to Heaven.
Throughout Word for the World Ministries’ diverse history, ministry has taken place through prayer breakfasts’, crusades, and conferences around the world. Pastors and spiritual leaders have testified about revivals occurring in their church as a result of this ministry. Leadership training and Evangelistic seminars are offered to equip others to boldly evangelize their families, communities and schools, and beyond.

Evangelistic tools and resources to help evangelize and disciple members of your family, church, ministry or friends and acquaintances are available.